Wine delivery system. Vijola

  • Mobile development

  • React-native

  • Firebase

  • Online Payment

  • +5 month

  • About the project

    Mobile application that helps distibuters to easily get orders. This is the first mobile app for wine delivery in Croatia.

    What We Create

    We've developed a revolutionary mobile application using React Native technology. This app streamlines order management for over 1000 wine distributors in Croatia, marking a groundbreaking shift in the wine distribution industry.

    Our mobile app ensures a seamless user experience with features like real-time order management, inventory tracking, secure payments, and personalized recommendations. It's a game-changer in the ordering process.


    We encountered challenges in integrating the app with distributors' inventory management systems. Our robust APIs ensured seamless data synchronization and order processing.

    Performance optimization was crucial to handle high order volumes and real-time tracking. We applied efficient algorithms, caching mechanisms, and rigorous testing to ensure reliable order management.

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