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We firmly hold the belief that exceptional products are born from the fusion of passion, intellect, and unwavering personal dedication. This conviction is vividly reflected in our diverse portfolio, which extends across various global clients, industries, and target demographics.


Software architecture,Web development, Backend,+1 year,

Croatian olympic committee

Backend / Frontend,React, Next.js, Node.js,+6 month,

Groove web and mobile radio stream

Mobile app development,Web development,+3 month,

Wine delivery system. Vijola

Mobile development,Payment,React-native, firebase,+5 month,

Dalmatia yacht charter

Online charter booking,Web development,+2 month,

S-Pool e-commerce

Web shop,Web development,+2 month,

ERP connection

Backend development,API,+2 month,

Jungle production agency

UX-UI design,Web development,+3 month,

Chat system

React-Native,Mobile development,+2 month,

CMS system

UX-UI design,Web development,+2 month,

Anic Holding

Plugin development,Interactive map,Wordpress,+3 month,

Positive vibrations

Magento to Woocommerce,Wordpress,+1 month,