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Vjerujemo da izvanredni proizvodi ne mogu nastati bez strasti, inteligencije i osobne predanosti, što se jasno očituje u našem portfelju koji obuhvaća različite klijente diljem svijeta, industrije i ciljne skupine.

Software architectureWeb development, Backend+1 year


Introducing a revolutionary approach to engage with freelancers and development agencies: Workora, a cutting-edge SaaS solution that streamlines collaboration for clients, freelancers, and companies, simplifying project management and workflow oversight.

Software architectureReact.js,CRM,Node.jsAWSOtp, email4 month

Calculation of travel expenses CRM

Our cllient had a need for an application that would enable efficient tracking and calculation of travel expenses for their employees. We decided to utilize a modern technology stack, including React for the front-end, Node.js and Express for the back-end, and AWS for hosting and data management.

Web development,WordpressEcommerceWoocommerce+2 month

Wine delivery store. Vijola

Developed a WordPress-based web shop showcasing a diverse range of 1000+ products. The website is tailored to provide a seamless and visually appealing online shopping experience for customers seeking wines and spirits.

Backend-FrontendNext.jsNode.jsReact+6 month

Croatian olympic committee

We developed new custom CMS and redesigned website from scratch. We give users remarcable experience by keeping everything in simple order. Including: documents, athletes, news, etc.

Mobile developmentWeb development+3 month

Groove web and mobile radio stream

The radio streaming application (Mobile & Web) gives the possibility of listening to the radio and voting, based on the report of which the playlist is made.

Mobile developmentReact-nativeFirebaseOnline Payment+5 month

Wine delivery system. Vijola

Mobile application that helps distibuters to easily get orders. This is the first mobile app for wine delivery in Croatia.

WordpressWeb developmentSEOMarketing+2 month

Dalmatia yacht charter

We developed a Yacht Charter website using WordPress, combining a visually appealing design with user-friendly features. Additionally, we engaged in comprehensive digital marketing strategies, including social media management, SEO optimization, and Google advertising. Our efforts were aimed at maximizing online visibility, attracting potential clients, and enhancing the overall brand presence in the yacht charter industry.

Web shopWeb developmentMarketing+2 month

S-Pool e-commerce

We used WordPress with WooCommerce for pool equipment e-commerce site, ensuring a secure checkout, organized product catalog, and user-friendly design. SEO optimization boosts visibility, and customer support is available via email, and phone. The platform includes marketing tools and enables customer reviews, delivering a reliable online shopping experience for pool equipment.

Backend developmentAPINode.js+2 month

ERP connection

We successfully bridged the gap between ERP system and WordPress webshop through a customized API integration. This innovative solution enabled seamless data exchange and synchronization, empowering us to deliver an enhanced, efficient, and synchronized online shopping experience to customers.

UX-UI designWeb developmentReact.js+3 month

Jungle production agency

A contemporary website enriched with extensive animations. Leveraging the power of React and GSAP, we crafted an immersive UX/UI experience that seamlessly blends interactivity and aesthetics.

React-NativeMobile development+2 month

Chat system

We embarked on an exciting journey to create a robust chat system using the dynamic capabilities of React Native and Firebase. This innovative solution not only ensures seamless messaging but also incorporates push notifications, delivering an immersive and real-time communication experience.

UX-UI designWeb developmentNext.js+2 month

CMS system

We developed a CMS using React for the frontend, Node.js with Next.js for server-side rendering, and MySQL for the database. This stack allows for a dynamic and interactive user interface, seamless server-side rendering, and robust database management, providing a scalable and efficient Content Management System.

Plugin developmentInteractive mapWordpress+3 month

Anic Holding

Anić Outdoor advertising web app with interactive search and bookings. Interactive map gives great user experience with search option you can find your listing fast.

Magento to WoocommerceWordpress+1 month

Positive vibrations

We undertook the challenging task of migrating a webshop from Magento to WordPress, a transition encompassing over 15,000 products, 20,000 orders, and an extensive user database.

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